Sardinian Dried Black Figs 10 packs of 150g each.


10X Fichi Secchi Neri di Chía in Confezione Doypack da 150gr 

  • Il Fico nero di Chía It is an original product of its kind.
  • Grown ,Harvest and Dried exclusively in the vicinity of the wonderful beaches of the South Western coast of Sardinia.
  • Born in the town of Chia.
  • The Dried Black Fig of Chía it has a natural sweetness, dried in the sun without any added sugar or any other additive.
  • The Dried Black Fig of Chía it is preserved naturally without the addition of preservatives.
  • 100% Natural.


  • To be enjoyed alone as a dessert after a meal
  • Special ingredient in a myriad of delicious recipes for cakes or biscuits.



Additional information

Weight 1,7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 5 cm


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