Black Fig Extra Jam of Sardinia - Three Jars of 200g



Black Fig Extra Jam of Sardinia is made using only the highest quality of Sardinian Figs of the "Fico Nero di Chia" variety hand-picked on the beautiful sea town of Chia in the south of Sardinia.

  • 100% Natural
  • with no added pectin or gelling agent
  • Delicious paired with aged spicy sheep or goat cheese .


Our jam with a light red, purple and bright color is made with the fruit of southern Sardinia cut into large pieces.

Only freshly picked seasonal figs prepared with slow cooking at low temperature which keeps its properties of summer scent and unmistakable flavor unaltered.


Suggestions – Pairings

Great with aged and spicy cheese

Pleasant with the Aged Parma Ham -

Naturally Perfect if spread on a soft savory croissant or to fill tarts and to give an original touch to yoghurts and puddings.


Figs -76g per 100g, and only sugar and Lemon Juice.





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